Casa Julián de Tolosa


Sta. Klara, 6
Xabi Gorrotxategi
Casa Julián de Tolosa | Tolosa, Sta. Clara

Meat Temple in Tolosa

Established in 1954, this legendary Basque steakhouse is a benchmark for grilled meat worldwide. Matías Gorrotxategi refined the technique to achieve 'the best steak in the world', according to Forbes magazine. Xabi Gorrotxategi, following in his father's footsteps, is in charge of grilling meat and peppers.


Cava Baja, 18
Mikel Gorrotxategi
Casa Julián de Tolosa | Madrid, Cava Baja

Steak, peppers and... Tolosa beans!

In addition to the classic Tx Steak and piquillo peppers prepared with the same techniques as in Tolosa, Mikel Gorrotxategi adds these Tolosa beans, which are iconic in Madrid, to the culinary offer. Genuine Basque steakhouse in the heart of la Latina.


Ibiza, 39
Iñaki Gorrotxategi
Casa Julián de Tolosa | Madrid, Ibiza

The 21st century Basque Steakhouse

A part of the Bulbiza project, this modern space, set by Lázaro Rosa Violán, has a grill visible to the guests which is identical to that of Casa Julián in Tolosa. The old cow Tx Steak and the classic piquillo peppers, prepared according to the Gorrotxategi technique, can be found in a menu where seasonal vegetables stand out, with the leek playing a leading role.